I Dreamt of a Taoist


下,揖予而言曰: 赤壁之遊樂乎?


龍 石 書

I dreamt of a Taoist in feather knitted clothes, who walked briskly and came under the Lingao Pavilion, bowed and talked to me, “Are you having fun at Chibi?” I enquired his name, but he did not answer, with his head bowed.

* This poem segment was cited from the work titled “My second visit to the Red Cliff”. It was created by Sushi (pen name “Dongpo”) who was a scholar and demoted government official in the Song Dynasty of China. He made his first trip near Red Cliff with his friends on the 16th of the 7th lunar month of the year Ren Xu (1082). He then made a second excursion to the Red Cliff with two friends on a winter night in the same year.

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